Meet the Team

Dr. Cathy Scrimshaw, Medical Director

I am a rural family doctor living in Pincher Creek, and now after 32 years of rural practice, have stepped away from clinical work to be the Medical Director for the Collaborative Mentorship Network in Chronic Pain and Addiction. I, along with my ACFP colleagues, look for innovative ways to support family physicians and interdisciplinary health professionals practicing in community in the medical home, or the medical neighbourhood, to care for patients with chronic pain and/or addiction and their complex needs. We are developing a compassionate community of practice and share knowledge and tools through mentorship, education and resource development. In particular, my role is to ensure our resources, tools, and education can be used in busy community clinical settings and that they align with the best evidence available.

Leah Phillips, Clinical Expert, Medical Education and Resource Development

I am the Clinical Expert for Medical Education and Resource Development for the CMN. I have PhD in Epidemiology, a MA in Sociology and a BA (Hons) in Psychology. I am a Certified Health Executive with the Canadian College of Health Leaders. I also completed a fellowship in Health Systems Improvement. Over the past 25 years I have dedicated my career to understanding the impacts of Chronic Pain on an individual level, a meso level (our health system) and at the macro level (on an international scale). My role at the CMN is to ensure the resources and information presented are based in high quality evidence and can be accessed and utilized by clinicians and improve the care they provide for their patients.

Maia Mudric, Member Services Coordinator Phone: 780-885-5535  Email:

My background is in leadership, science communications, astronomy, and physics. I am a strong believer in making the most up to date science as accessible to everyone as possible. Patient care starts with supporting primary care providers. I am passionate about enhancing our current services to meet the needs of the community, and to help primary care providers find the resources and mentorship they may need to gain more confidence when dealing with patients who may struggle with chronic pain or substance use disorders. The values the CMN demonstrates echo mine, and I hope to help my community by supporting the care providers who have helped me and countless others.