Within the CMN, there is the option to remain a general member or sign up to take part in the mentorship program. The CMN mentorship program collects information from mentors and mentees and makes matches based on the mentor’s background and the mentee’s desired area of learning. Mentorship is flexible, and there are no specified time requirements for the program. Once matched, the mentor and mentee decide how often they would like to connect.

The CMN provides the option to remain a general member, or to take part in the mentorship program as a mentor, a mentee, or both.

Register for Mentorship:

1. Create an account on the ACFP Networks. Once complete, fill out your profile using by clicking the profile icon at the top right corner of the page, or scroll down to “Quick Links” and click “My Profile”.

2. Update your profile with your information and select if you are a mentor, mentee, both, or a general member.

3. Once you have joined to become a mentee or mentor:

  • You can view the “mentor match instructions” page for details on enrolling as a mentee, mentor, or both, or enroll directly by clicking the “enroll as” links.
  • You can also view different mentors in the “Mentoring Directions”, and track your “Mentoring Relationships”.
  • If you have any more questions about the mentor match process, head down to the FAQ.

Once you have joined to become a mentee or mentor:

Mentors must complete a phone interview with the CMN Medical Director, then sign their mentoring agreements and return them to . You will be contacted when potential matches join the CMN.

Mentees will be matched as soon as possible and be matched with their mentors within 10 business days.


Not sure about getting engaged in mentorship? Join the CMN as a general member! You can expand your knowledge on chronic pain and substance use disorder through the CMN’s other member benefits. You can also get involved in mentorship in the future if you are interested.